Our restaurant’s heart has been beating for nearly 30 years in Lysikratous square, amid a quiet lovely neighborhood. While enjoying your coffee or meal, your gaze will wander around the acacias, mulberries, geraniums and the captivating neo – classical buildings of the picturesque Plaka.

A wonderful journey back to a sweet and nostalgic era when our grandparents were growing up. In this neighborhood they had fun with friends, they fell in love, they took a pleasant break from work and enjoyed precious moments with their families.

All of these memories, dialogues, laughter and lives are still present in our restaurant today. The heritage of traditional Greek life inspires us and we have created a menu with the highest respect that pays homage to this legacy. A menu through which you’ll be able to taste unforgettable delicious Greek flavors made with fresh and high-quality ingredients that will entice and embrace your mood combined with our restaurant’s environment and good wine.

Our biggest delight is seeing you again and serving you with fresh and varied tasteful experiences.